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EP #2: The Place at Corkscrew

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Episode Transcript: The Place at Corkscrew – Episode #2

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Ep-2 – The Place at Corkscrew with Jack Mancini

Charlie McDermott  00:00

It’s time for the Mancini Real Estate Minutes podcast with Jack Mancini. He’s Southwest Florida’s most trusted real estate agents. Hey guys, Charlie McDermott back in the Jack Mancini studio for the next episode. Jack, how are you doing?

Jack Mancini  00:16

Great, Charlie. Good morning. It’s a beautiful hot day in Southwest Florida. 

Charlie McDermott  00:21

Don’t we love it? 

Jack Mancini  00:23

Yeah, rare this time of year for it, to hit 90 at 9am, you know?

Charlie McDermott  00:29

You know, the crazy thing is Barb and I were at the beach the other day and we came back and literally sat out back and I looked at the weather for the day and I said holy cow, it was 96 today, I had no idea if we were back in Pennsylvania, we would have been like never stepped foot outside, you know, like, oh my god, it’s too hot but, not down here and man, we’re warriors.

Jack Mancini  00:52

Absolutely, we are thoroughbreds, you know, I’m a Florida native, born in Fort Lauderdale, grew up in Clearwater, Jacksonville to college and Tallahassee met my bride and we’ve been married for 23 years now.

Charlie McDermott  01:08

How did you deal with Jacksonville, I mean, I’ve had it been awfully cold up there? 

Jack Mancini  01:13

Yeah, right. We did spend a few years in Pennsylvania. My father was a commercial real estate developer. So, wherever the building was, is where we lived. So, I got to feel the inclement weather for sure.

Charlie McDermott  01:30

Well, let’s jump back into Southwest Florida here and let’s start jack with a market update, [Inaudible 1:36]. What’s going on? And for our listeners, by the way, we are heading towards the Labor Day weekend in 2022, right now, we’re August 23, 2022. What’s happening? What are you seeing in the market?

Jack Mancini  01:52

Well, you know, we have an equal amount of new listings to sales. So, there’s a balance there. We are seeing a lot of price reductions, and that is typical for summertime. I mean, you know, we’re back to almost pre COVID, where it was slow in the summer, and there were a lot of price reductions, and then rested up for our seasonal visitors and it’s really busy from November through Easter, you know, so, I’ve been around for selling real estate for 18 years and I’ve seen the highs and the lows and familiar with how seasonal our area is, but COVID Everybody wanted to be in Southwest Florida and buy a house. So, for two years, we had a lot of sales. We did 15 sales, we had 15 closings per month last year, just my team. So, it’s good.

Charlie McDermott  03:00

Yeah, and how’s that compared to like, normal times?

Jack Mancini  03:04

Normal times, you know, we would sell maybe 10 a month. So, that increased our sales by you know, 150%. So, it was great. 

Charlie McDermott  03:16

Yeah. It was tough, and it seems like there’s just a lot of growth, and especially in this area, but probably all-over Southwest Florida, right?

Jack Mancini  03:27

Yeah, absolutely, and you can see these main the major builders Winner Pulte, WCI. They are buying up land and preparing for the next communities. We have GL Homes of Corkscrew Road is doing a new community called Riverside, and between Wildcat Run and preserve a Corkscrew. I’ve already sold a new construction home there and they just opened a few days ago.

Charlie McDermott  04:03

Wow, [Crosstalk 4:02].

Jack Mancini  04:05

It is an opportunity to buy new construction, because what happens when you get in on the front end of a community, Charlie, the builder ends up raising the base price of the home monthly, typically, they raise the lot premiums, they raise the option prices. So, if you get in on the front end of a community, the builder builds your equity in the home through their price increases.

Charlie McDermott  04:34

Interesting. So, when you hear about these new developments, you know now’s the time to strike and so obviously you and your team you can help listeners who are interested in some of these new developments.

Jack Mancini  04:48

Yes, absolutely, the builder party cooperates with realtors and we love selling new construction for sure.

Charlie McDermott  04:57

Yeah. So, speaking of what’s going in new construction wise? You also specialize in the top communities in Estero. I mean, you and your team, you’re the team. Let’s focus on a community that comes to mind. What community would you like to discuss today?

Jack Mancini  05:24

The Place at Corkscrew, it’s five miles east of I-75 on Corkscrew Road, Pulte Homes and Menar Homes are building in there, they’re almost done. Beautiful community, amazing amenities. We’ll talk about their amenities as well, but there are 1,325 doors, all single family in the place that corkscrew. Right now the price points, there are 17 for sale. The prices range from $700,000 for 2,200 square feet, up to 1.1 million for over 3000 square feet. Like I said, there are 17 for sale and in the past four months, there have been 45 closed sales in The Place at Corkscrew, the number one selling community in Acero right now.

Charlie McDermott  06:29

Wow, I had no idea there that many homes. There are 1300 homes.

Jack Mancini  06:33

Yeah, it’s huge, you know, Belterra is actually bigger than The Place at Corkscrew, they have 1,899 doors and Belterra I don’t know how they can fit one more in to make it an even 1900. The Place at Corkscrew, amazing amenities, they have resort style pool, pickleball, tennis courts, volleyball, amazing exercise room, two story exercise room. They have a bourbon bar for the whiskey, bourbon, enthusiast. They have a dedicated bourbon bar. 

Charlie McDermott  07:30

Wow, that’s impressive. 

Jack Mancini  07:33

I know, the first I’ve heard of a big pickleball community, you know, the pickleball has taken off. It’s not as much movement as tennis. So, Pickleball has become very popular. They have a restaurant, great food, great prices. And, you know, I think it’s about $500 a year is the minimum food and beverage requirement and I’m sure that we could spend that in a weekend, Charlie, my family, and yours.

Charlie McDermott  08:15

We’re ready, Jack.

Jack Mancini  08:17

Let’s go, [Crosstalk 8:17]. 

Charlie McDermott  08:20

Is bar included?

Jack Mancini  08:22

Yes, it is.

Charlie McDermott  08:25

So, question for you, you know, someone listening, and they hear about, The Place at Corkscrew or some of the other communities we’re gonna be talking about in future episodes, a lot of these communities are gated, you know, what’s the best way for someone to just get into the community get a feel for things, you know, how do they even get beyond the gates?

Jack Mancini  08:46

Well, you’re not going to get past the guards. There are two entrances into The Place at Corkscrew. You need to go with me or my team, that’s the only way you’re getting in. Unless, I will tell you the secret is, go on a Sunday. There’s probably an open house. Somebody’s probably hosting an open house and pull up to the guard gate and say, hey, I’m going to the open house and they’ll give you a list of the open houses and let you in the gate. So, Sunday should day if you don’t like football and you want to go drive around, look, and go on Sunday.

Charlie McDermott  09:27

I will see you know, we’ll give the dolphins a few weeks, see what happens and then make a decision, right.

Jack Mancini  09:34

I’m an Eagles fan, so we’ll see, [Crosstalk 9:35], for sure and that’s my time in in Pennsylvania. I think I was 14 through 16. We were in Pennsylvania and that’s when I took a liking to watching football. So, Randall Cunningham was a quarterback at that time and [Crosstalk 9:56].

Charlie McDermott  09:57

Lord, You know what always I still remember this, the season that they had everything in place and obviously the awesome defense with Reggie White and Jerome Brown and everyone and then first game I think it was the I don’t know if it was tore his ACL or broke his leg and he was after the season’s like, you know, the Eagles are cursed, but we got the Super Bowl and this year we start with the lions and nobody beats the lions. I think we got at least one victory.

Jack Mancini  10:30

Good luck, and I am a Miami fan. I don’t know, but we’ll see how he is a little he seems a little soft for me. I know he can beat me up but he seems a little soft. Left hand, [Crosstalk10:46], it’s kind of weird.

Charlie McDermott  10:49

Spoken like a true Philadelphia sports fan. I love it.

Jack Mancini  10:53

So, many great quarterbacks were left-handed. I mean, I can’t really come up with any Michael Beck, I mean, he was great minus the dogfighting.

Charlie McDermott  11:04

Yeah, we all have our issues. So, before this goes off the rails, we’re gonna switch back to real estate man. So, gated communities obviously get you someone on your team and even for I would imagine you have folks like me that are new to the area and in not anymore. But you know, we got down here 2015, did the old vacation thing and next thing we knew, we were living here. But you know, they probably don’t want to bother a realtor because they’re just kind of getting a feel for things. But the best way to get a feel for things is to get an expert and get you in these communities to so you can really get a feel for things right.

Jack Mancini  11:47

Absolutely. You know, we have a lot of bundled golf communities in our area, Astero, Bonita, Naples Fort Myer. So, you know, you don’t want to drive around aimlessly into communities that you’re not interested in being a golf member and paying the golf fees. So, we need to talk about what lifestyle you’re looking for, what amenities you want and we’ll talk about you know, association fees because they range from $150. In Stony Brook, for instance, up to you know, it’ll cost you $1,000 a month in some communities because of the social mandatory, social membership or bundled golf memberships. So, don’t just wing it, call an expert, call your realtor, if you’re working with one or if you’re not working with one you should be working with me.

Charlie McDermott  12:50

Love it. Now, that’s a great point to end this episode. Quick summary The Place at Corkscrew, bourbon bar that’s what I say, but also many others and call Jack and his team and get on over there and check it out. Jack fun is always look forward to the next episode. 

Jack Mancini  13:14

Me too. Thanks, Charlie. Have a great week.

Charlie McDermott  13:16

Thank you for listening to the Mancini Real Estate Minutes. To learn more about Jack Mancini and team go to or call to 239-218-2685.

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